A customer told me “I will buy this cell phone from you if you itch my neck for me!”


A rude old man came to my till. All I did was asked him how are you. He apparently took it so offensively and stated, like you care. And when he left he even said to me stupid oriental.


A customer handed me a credit card to pay and said “This is my credit card, I didn’t steal it”!


A customer asked me to save the middle of his head and leave hair on both sides!


A customer told me “I need some glasses that make me better looking I got a hot date tonight.”


A man came to the dressing room at the back and asked if he could use our copy machine, I told him this is a Halloween store we dont have a copy machine, he’s like wait this isnt staples? he went through the store and didnt even notice what store he went into


I’m a cashier at a retail store. and today we were really busy as it is around christmas time. when opening a register we shout “I can help the next customer in line” well a customer then proceeds to come up to me, lean over the counter and ask “are you open?”


A customer told me “I have been waiting for you to open since 5 in the morning, what kind of place doesn’t open til 9?”


This guy came into my store today literally wearing 2 ties.  2 ties around his neck!